We specialize in the preservation and Art Restoration of Oil Paintings, Porcelain, Ceramics, Pottery, Marble, Stone, Terracotta, Collectibles and Heirlooms. We use museum quality techniques and materials in conformance with the best practice guidelines provided by the International Institutes of Conservation of Cultural Heritage.
We also engage the assistance of a licensed professional engineer and a local architect who apply highly specialized solutions to projects requiring advanced structural knowledge or wood design experience.


Our Painting Conservation and Restoration services consist of:

Damage evaluation and testing to select best treatment options.
Photographic documentation including before, during and after treatment.
Written documentation including:

Present conditions.
Conservation treatment description.
Proposal for Conservation and Restoration treatment.
when applicable.

Consolidation of flaking, cracking and cupping paint layer (for both paintings and  polychrome sculptures).
Cleaning of painted surfaces using customized solvents that are specifically formulated for art restoration to remove grime, smoke, previous restorations, discolored varnishes and other environmental contaminants.
Select best treatment to address holes and ripped canvas issues.
Lining and relining.
Filling in depressions – reintroduction of ground and paint loss.
In-painting through color matching.
Written repair/restoration proposal for Insurance Claims, documentation, damage evaluation service.


We also specialize in repair and restoration of other objects, including porcelain, ceramics, pottery, terracotta, marble, sculptures or other art works made of stone, earth-ware, and wood artifacts.

Our Porcelain, Ceramics, Pottery Repair services include:

Before restoration

Consolidation of polycrome wood artifacts.
Reassembly of broken pieces.
Replacement of missing elements/fragments for porcelain, ceramics, pottery and other media.
Structural reinforcement.
Reintroduction of paint loss.


The classical theory of Conservation of Oil Paintings on Canvas and Panel and all types of Fine Art, has necessarily involved only minimal intervention. This is done to retain the integrity of the aged art object and to avoid further damage. However, in other more contemporary cases such as porcelain, ceramics, pottery, jades, ivory collectibles and family heirlooms repair, some clients prefer the invisible repair technique which will return the item to “like new” condition. Even though we typically recommend the use of the best Art Restoration practices, we do honor the customer requests. The products used to conceal cracks for the “invisible repair” can be easily removed without causing additional stress to the artifact.


 For more information, please visit our Facebook page ConserveFineArt – Newport Beach or call us at:


(949) 675-3962


After Ceramic Repair

Before Ceramic Repair

Paintings, Porcelain, Ceramics, Pottery, Stone, Terra-cotta, Marble, Repair and Restoration | Ancient and Antique Artifacts, Collectibles and Family Heirlooms.


Please Note we do not work on paper, metal, glass nor crystals.


4 Responses to Services

  1. Gerald Greenspan says:

    I broke off the head of a Lladro clown and would like information on having it repaired.

  2. Ardenia says:

    Kindly email us at ardenia@roadrunner.com or call 949 675-3962. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.
    Best regards,
    Ardenia Capannelli

  3. Catherine D says:

    I have a Japanese vase that got knocked over and some small surface pieces broke off. Could the pieces be put together and re-adhered to the vase? The vase itself didn’t break.

  4. Ardenia says:

    Yes, the pieces can be put together. You can email me at ardenia@roadrunner.com or call (949) 575-3962 for more information. Thank you, Ardenia Capannelli

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